Getting started

Installing the SDK

The ContactHub SDK can be installed from PyPi:

pip install contacthub

After installing, for importing the contacthub SDK just:

import contacthub

Performing simple operations on customers

Getting Customer’s data

Retrieving entity’s data can be easily achieved with simple operations.

First of all, you need to authenticate with credentials provided by ContactHub:

from contacthub import Workspace

workspace = Workspace(workspace_id='workspace_id', token='token')

After that you can get a Node object to perform all operations on customers and events:

node = workspace.get_node(node_id='node_id')

With a node, is immediate to get all customers data in a list of Customer objects:

customers = node.get_customers()

for customer in customers:

Getting a single Customer:

my_customer = node.get_customer(id='id')

print('Welcome back %s' % my_customer.base.firstName)

or querying on customers by theirs own attributes:

fetched_customers = node.query(Customer).filter((Customer.base.firstName == 'Bruce') & (Customer.base.secondName == 'Wayne')).all()

Add a new Customer

Creating and posting a Customer is simple as getting. The method add_customer of the node take a dictionary containing the structure of your customer as parameter and returns a new Customer object:

customer_struct =   {
                    'base': {'contacts': {'email': ''}},
                    'extra': 'extra',
                    'extended': {'my_string':'my new extended property string'}
my_customer = c.add_customer(**customer_struct)

For creating the customer structure, you can also create a new Customer object and convert it to a dictionary for posting:

from contacthub.models import Customer

my_customer = Customer(node = node) = ''
my_customer.extra = 'extra'
my_customer.extended.my_string = 'my new extended property string'
my_customer = node.add_customer(**my_customer.to_dict())

or posting it directly with the post method:

Relationship between Customers and Events

In this SDK entities are easily connected. For retrieving all events associated to a Customer, just:

my_customer = node.get_customer(id='id')
events = my_customer.get_events()

Note that relations are immutable objects. You can just consult events associated to a Customer, but you cannot add new ones or delete.